We would like to invite you to take part in a survey about air pollution.

Pollution in Bradford is very high and is harming the health of our children and young people. Bradford council have been asked by the UK Government to develop plans to improve air quality within the city, including implementing a ‘clean air zone’. Born in Bradford is a research project which is following the lives of over 50,000 Bradford residents to explore why some families stay healthy and why others fall ill. You can read more about our project on our website: www.borninbradford.nhs.uk. Born in Bradford want to find out what you think about Bradford Council’s plans to reduce pollution, and the best ways to reduce pollution to help keep families healthy and happy in our new study called BiB Breathes. We are carrying out a survey with lots of people across the city to get an understanding of their views. We will use this information to find out the most important things that could be done in the city to reduce pollution in Bradford and elsewhere.

As we are in the midst of a pandemic, it would also be very helpful to our research to understand how this is affecting people. We would therefore like to ask you some questions about how you and your family are doing at the moment and your current worries and concerns. This will help us understand how people are doing and what needs to happen to support families in Bradford as we emerge from the pandemic.

We would like you to help us by completing this questionnaire which should take no more than 30 minutes. All the answers you give are confidential. You do not have to give your name or address to take part in this survey, but if you agree that we can contact you again in the future we will ask for your contact details. We will keep all information about you safe and secure. You can read more about how we use and protect your information on our website: https://borninbradford.nhs.uk/what-we-do/how-we-use-your-information/

Why have I been asked to take part in this study?

We are asking people who live or regularly visit parts of Bradford where there are high levels of pollution to take part.

Do I have to take part

No. It is up to you. Even if you say yes now you can change your mind at any time without giving any reason.

Are there any risks in participating?

There are no known risks for you to worry about with taking part in this study.

Will my taking part be kept private?

Yes. If you decide to take part in this research project, the information collected from you will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the consent that you have given, and also the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. You do not have to give your personal details to take part in this survey, but if you agree that we can contact you again in the future to complete a second survey we will ask for your name and contact details. Your personal information will be kept private and stored safely by Born in Bradford. Your personal information will be destroyed after the study has been completed (2025). Born in Bradford is a part of the Bradford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. If we have concerns that you, or someone else, is at risk of harm then we will have to break confidentiality and tell the relevant healthcare services.

What will happen to the results of the research study?

We will share our findings with communities across Bradford, with health professionals and other researchers. If you wish to have a copy of the report, you can request one from the researcher(s) or visit our website using the following address: www.borninbradford.nhs.uk.

Who has approved this study?

A group of people known as a Research Ethics Committee or a REC has reviewed this study and given approval for it to go ahead. When reviewing a study the REC think about the study from the point of view of a person taking part and make sure their rights and privacy are fully respected. The REC who reviewed the study is the Leeds Bradford NHS REC and the reference number for the study is 20/YH/0158. We also spoke to members of the community in your area for feedback on the study.

How can I find out more information?

You can find out more by visiting our website www.borninbradford.nhs.uk, emailing us at borninbradford@bthft.nhs.uk or by calling 01274 364474. A member of the team will be happy to talk to you about the study and answer any questions you have.

WP1B: Non-BiB Survey Participant Information Sheet v3 19.04.2021

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