About EQMSys.

Description of Application.

EQMSys is a web tool for handling and managing all aspects of double data entry and data discrepancy resolution. It is built in C# using ASP.Net MVC 5 as its server-side web application framework and is structured according to an n-tier achitectural pattern.

Current Release
Release 3.0 - This release provides improved functionality.
Pending Release
Release 4.0 - PENDING - This release will provide a public-facing version of the website.
Previous Releases
Release 2.0 - This release provided functionality for moderators to resolve discepancies between first- and second-entered questionnaire data.
Release 1.0 - The first release of EQMSys provided users with the means to double enter questionnaires completed on paper, and administrators with means to manage users of the system.